"...perfection of a point of view."


Coodieranks was built off the concept that not every woman thinks nor acts the same. So why must they all look the same? We believe that style is a perfection of your point of view. Based off this belief, Coodieranks embraces the natural side of beauty by creating eye-catching garments out of the world's most natural fabric to fulfill every woman's individual style.

Coodieranks is for all women who want to make a statement and aren't afraid to leave restrictions at the door. Embracing freedom, self expression, and empowerment, Coodieranks brings forth chic, feminine designs that offer clean tailoring and modern silhouettes. Not dictated by trends; simple shapes are reinvented creating compelling combinations of timeless and sophisticated garments with a unique, undeniable twist.


Michica Matthews was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but later relocated with family to Elizabeth City, North Carolina where she was raised. Her parents soon realized she had a love for fashion at an early age, so they bought her a sewing machine. Once Michica graduated high school, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she obtained her college degree in Fashion Design.

After college, Michica proceeded to grow very knowledgeable about who she was as a designer and what she wanted to portray within the fashion industry. Throughout the years of hard work and determination, what started as a far-fetch dream has blossomed into Cooderanks.

~The Dream, The Journey, The Story